Is This Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant the Friendliest You’ve Ever Seen?

Yesterday, I called American Airlines to change a ticket because they’d sent me a notice that one of my upcoming flights was canceled. I could tell the moment Patrice O’Neill, a reservations agent in Dallas, picked up the phone, that she was a gem. She later told me that she deals only with AA’s top customers and that she’s a supervisor. She really was amazing and I wish all reservations agents were like Patrice. RELATED: Hilarious Video: How to Keep the Seat Next to You Empty on Southwest Airlines or On a Bus or Train

Later, I was surfing the internet and came across a video captioned: “The world needs more people like Daryl! @SouthwestAir. He’s by far the most pleasant flight attendant I’ve ever met!

Dawn Thornton posted it on X, formerly known as Twitter, and after watching the 45-second clip (embedded below), I couldn’t agree more.

In the video, it shows flight attendant Daryl greeting every single passenger deplaning with super-friendly parting words like, “Have a good weekend! Have an amazing weekend! Have an amazing day today! Enjoy your day! Have an awesome day, sir! He fist bumps some passengers as they pass by. 

You can tell Daryl must have long been an amazing flight attendant since most people were thanking him for his service. It sounds like Daryl is from the south (I’m guessing New Orleans) and he sure did bring his southern hospitality.

Southwest Airlines replied with: “Thank you! Kindness like that goes a long way. Thank you, again, for sharing. We will get your feedback shared with the appropriate Leaders. We look forward to welcoming you back onboard in a few days. 💙❤️💛 -Ashley”

So hopefully Daryl will get some kind of raise or be asked to represent the company at tradeshows or marketing events.

Perhaps best of all was one of the comments from reader @todd5789, who had this to say: “Incredible person, employee, etc! Made my day watching this.”

Southwest might have had some reprehensible operational challenges last Christmas when the airline seriously wreaked havoc for more than two million passengers but this video just goes to show the airline still has some of the friendliest flight attendants in the business. The world needs more Daryl’s and Patrice’s.  

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Yesterday, I called American Airlines to change a ticket because they’d sent me a notice…


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